This week’s CSA box

organic vegetable CSA boxThis week’s CSA contents…

a bag full of salad mix, a big bunch of spinach, 1 onion, 3 leeks, 2 celeriac roots, 6 potatoes and a bunch of carrots.

I completely forgot to take a picture of the CSA box I got 2 weeks ago.  Didn’t even think of it until most of the vegetables were eaten.  I turned the kale I got into kale chips, made a white sauce with spinach that we ate with baked potatoes and bacon, roasted the carrots, beets and parsnips with mutton cubes, and mixed the cilantro with some mayo, yogurt and cayenne pepper for a dipping sauce for chunks of smoked ham.  And the salad mix made a great salad, with chopped apples and some local feta cheese.

What happens on the weekend

thomas cat in the showerA lazy day for Thomas.  The shower has been his favorite sleeping spot this cookiesmonster cookies and friska dogI made a bunch of monster cookies and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the snowy week ahead.pheasant or peacock tracks in the snowresident ring-necked pheasantThis pheasant has been around since summer time.  He patrols the farm and hangs out with the chickens and peacocks.  He is quite plump, having easy access to all the chicken feed he wants.sandy and friskaSandy and Friska.apples for biscuit and bambibambi eating appleBiscuit and Bambi eating their evening apple snack.friska and sandy waitingThe dogs waiting for me to finish feeding Biscuit and Bambi their apples since the next stop is the barn and food for them.sheep abby on iceOut in the sheep pasture, Miss Abby is keeping her feet out of the mud.sheep abby on iceewe flock on pastureWith the recent thaw, the pasture has gotten a bit muddy.  Most of the girls were choosing to stand on the patches of snow left here and there, rather than in the mud.

This week’s CSA box

Crawford Organics winter CSA box week 2 This week’s CSA box contents:

a bunch of cilantro, kale, 2 small heads of lettuce, a big bunch of spinach, 6 parsnips, 2 red onions, 2 clumps of shallots, potatoes and carrots.

I have some cilantro left over from the last box, so I need to come up with a cilantro dish.  And the parsnips…maybe a soup, or roasted with mutton?

What happens on the weekend

feeding the dogs and barn catsOut to do the chores.  The barn cats and the dog(s) get fed first (Marcus’ little dog, Sandy, has learned how to beg food off me, which I easily give into).geese in the snowThe geese get their corn.  It’s a white, cold world these days.  Hasn’t been above freezing for a week now, with most nights in the single digits and a good breeze blowing during the day.ewe flock waking up in the snowewe flock waking up in the snowThe sheep are waking up, leaving sleeping sheep shapes in the snow as they get up and shake.ewe dusty in the winterAs I made my rounds in the sheep pasture, Dusty got up and almost fell over.  Her butt was swaying back and forth, so I went over to her.  I steadied her a bit, but then when I scratched her back, she straightened right up!  I was relieved and a bit confused until I figured out that when she saw me, she must have been anticipating getting that itchy spot on her back scratched.Friska sniffing in the snowFriska, snorting in the snow after a rabbit.ewe flock eating hay in the snowewe flock eating hay in the snowThen the sheep got their breakfast.Friska and SandyFriska and Sandy.wrecked ford f250Philip fell asleep on our way back from delivering our beef cattle to their new home.  I was following him with the big truck and livestock trailer when I saw him drive in the ditch a bit earlier. I called him and he said he was sleepy, but he thought he’d be ok.  Then he hit the ditch again, and I called him, but it was too late.  He crossed the road, knocked down a sign, and ran over some trash can sized boulders.  The truck was totaled and Philip had 3 broken ribs, but was released from the hospital a couple hours later.  He’s moving slow, but is mending, and the livestock trailer he was pulling is getting a new axle and a few other repairs.  I’m so thankful it wasn’t worse.

This week’s CSA box

rainy, foggy lancaster co PAMore rain and fog today.  The mud is now the deep, sticky, suck-off-your-boots type mud, making chores (and walking anywhere) a lot less pleasant.  And strangely, we heard a few claps of thunder the other day.ewe flock on pasture in rainy, foggy lancaster co PAI’m pretty sure the sheep would pick snow over mud, but they are doing great anyway.crawford organics winter csa week 1I was quite happy to pick up the first box of our Winter CSA from Crawford Organics.  They just do an all-around great job with their CSA shares.

This week’s box contained: 1 bunch of kale, 2 heads of lettuce, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1 bunch of green onions, lots of carrots, 1 big onion, a head of garlic, 1 carnival winter squash and a bag of their homegrown popcorn.

We will be eating well.

Enjoy the mud!

Remembering Spring (while stuck in January’s mud)

The past couple of days have dumped rain and above freezing temperatures on us here, bringing out the mud in abundance.  I thought I’d share a video I made remembering a less muddy time in the spring of 2013.

Happy 2014 to all!

Here are some of my favorites from 2013…winter greenhouse homehome sweet greenhouse homecats--Chihiro, Thomas, JasperJasper, Thomas, ChihiroFriska dog in snowFriska on night watchIMG_3278hungry geeseIMG_3309pet tracks IMG_3366pigs in bedIMG_3794sweet boysIMG_4018IMG_4101 cattle loving sunIMG_4146IMG_4300looking at our ewe flock through an old snagIMG_4516IMG_4588  green, green…and foggy dogIMG_4739ewes and buttercupsIMG_4927looking at Sweet Stem from the barley fieldIMG_5575field lane in the summerIMG_6015IMG_6021IMG_6024IMG_6034 our apple harvest turned into 44 gallons of cider, with lots of help from friendsIMG_6619 a bright full moon in the sheep pastureIMG_6658and Jesse, waiting patiently in the snow for a mouse

Enjoy the coming year, with all the knowns and unknowns!

Friska greets winter

friska in the snowfriska in the snowfriska in the snowfriska in the snowThis is the first thing Friska did when she saw the snow this morning…rolled and rolled.  She needed to do that.  She had rolled in something stinky the other day and smelled a bit rotten.our greenhouse housethomas and windowThomas spent the day napping in the shower and looking out the window, wishing for a litter box.ewe flock in the snow at sunsetewe flock in the snow at sunsetOur ewe flock at sunset.sheep trails in the snowThe paths they’ve made in the snow after their hay breakfast was finished.  And the holes they’ve dug with their noses, looking for the last greens of the year.

It is good to be back with all our critters.  I missed them tremendously, but I am excited to say that we have found a farm to call our own for now.  And that’s where we’ve been–getting it ready for us and our flock.